Winter Sports

Since the founding of Causapscal, winter sports have been an integral part of the town's lifestyle. The local ice hockey team "Les Matapediens de la Vallée" are part of the senior hockey league Budweiser in eastern Quebec. The figure skating club "Le Club Sitelle" is also very popular.

Is skiing your passion? The cross-country skiing club offers a number of cleared paths for the whole family. For those of you who enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding, Val d'Irène, is only 30 minutes away.

Skidoo fanatics will be kept busy with the many trails maintained by the Skidoo Club. The Gaspesie Park and Bloc Faribault is accessible from Causapscal by skidoo, and many off road trails can be explored.

Hunting and fishing

The ZEC Casault invites you to visit their territory in the Matapédia Valley for exceptional hunting and fishing. Fly fishing for salmon and trout is practiced on lakes, rivers and creeks, and most commonly on the territory's most serene spot: Lac Casault. Year in year out, visitors praise this territory for its beauty and abundance.

Although fishing and hunting are the ZEC's two main activities, other pastimes such as hiking, bird watching, quad driving and skidooing are also possible.

In addition, the ZEC offers over 80 campgrounds where the beauty of nature is enjoyed by locals as much as it is by visitors.

C.E.R.F. ZEC Casault
Corporation d'exploitation des ressources fauniques Vallée de la Matapédia
53 A St-Jacques Sud CAUSAPSCAL (QC) GOJ 1JO
Tel. and Fax : 418 756 3670
E-mail :

Salmon Fishing

La Corporation de gestion des rivières Matapédia et Patapédia (CGRMP) administrates the Matapédia, Patapédia and Causapscal rivers.

Situated in the middle of the Lower St. Laurence and Gaspé Coast regions, the Matapédia river runs parallel with route 132, between Lake MatapÎdia and the meeting of the Ristigouche and Matapedia rivers.

The Matapédia river is renown for its huge salmon population. From 3000 to 5000 salmon travel up stream each year. The first arrive at the end of May, and the last in September. It is not rare to see salmon in excess of 18 Kilograms being fished from the Matapédia river.

The best fishing happens between mid June and mid August. While the fishing in September can be less rewarding, the beauty of autumn can make it very enjoyable.

Fishing is permitted in the salmon pits, most of which are easily accessible. During the spring a canoe can be helpful to access these pits.

The Matapédia river offers two types of salmon fishing; with or without restrictions on how many people can fish there. The public sectors 1 to 3 do not have restrictions and are situated between Lac au Saumon and Routhierville. These areas offer over 40 salmon pits. The second area has restrictions. To fish in this sector a person must procure a right of access permit, available at the information bureaus in Matapédia and Causapscal. Among the many salmon pits, some of the more popular ones are: les Fourches, Heppell, Adams, Salmon and Alice. Bureaus are open seven days a week during the fishing season. A fishing guide may be reserved by calling the CGRMP office.

The Glen Emma sector is restricted to 10 people per day. A guide and canoe are obligatory. Reservations must be made in advance. This part of the Matapedia River is very popular with knowledgeable local fishers.

The Patapédia and Causapscal rivers are restricted to a limit of people at all times. To fish on these rivers, a person must participate in a lottery that takes place on November 1st each year.

For information and reservations concerning salmon fishing please contact:

53B, St-Jacques Sud
Causapscal (Qc) GOJ 1J0
Tel.: 418 756-6174 or toll-free (888) 730-6174
Fax: 418 756-6067


Sport Activity

Causapscal has many activities to offer. For many years the community of Causapscal has developed many activities, both leisure oriented and cultural. Some popular activities include the annual Fort Causap event which attracts many visitors, the hockey club "Les Matapdiens" that maintains a strong local support, and much more.